Friday, July 31, 2009

Product Review: MAC #188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush

Overall Rating ( 1 = worst, 5 = best ) 3
Price ( 1 = dirt cheap, 5 = expensive ) 5
Packaging Quality ( 1 = worst, 5 = best ) 4
Would you buy this product again? No

This brush I could have done without. It can be used for liquid foundation, powder, cream, etc. I use this brush for cream blush and to highlight. But I hardly pull out my cream blush or hightlighter's so I have been practically looking straight through this brush. =/ But... If you do use cream blushes a lot, this would be a good one for you! Just stipple your brush into the cream blush and then stipple onto your face and then blend. It gives your cheeks just the right amount of product, same concept to highlight. I believe there are a couple dupes of this brush out there if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. This is not a must have brush in my opinion.

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♥ mznes